Calculator for soap recipes

Saponify App

Keeps all your recipes safe

Saponify app is the easiest way to create and use your soap recipes.

Whether you’re beginner or mature soapmaker, Saponify is here to help you calculate your perfect soap recipes.

With updated version of Saponify app you don't need to worry about losing your recipes as we always store them safely.

Saponify app features

Creating recipes using existing or your own oils has never been so easy

Offline work

Access all your recipes and oils even when you don't have network connection. Our app is not yet offline first but we want to get there.

120+ most popular oils and butters

We have most popular oils available in our list and we regularly add new oils

You can create your own oils

In case you need an oils that is not present in our oils list you can create your own oil

All recipes are synced with cloud

You don't need to worry about your recipes when you change your device. Just install Saponify and login with your account. All recipes will be available on your new device

Application for Apple

We plan to create Saponify app for Apple devices to support our users across all platforms.

Different units available

Saponify app supports grams, ounces and pounds units.